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Personal Injury Law Dallas

Personal Injury Law Dallas - You could be justified in submitting a personal injury suit to cover injuries or even emotional damages because of the crash. It is crucial to remember that the indicators of a head injury might not be noticeable at first. A severe head injury may also lead to death.

In the event that you or a loved one has been hurt in an automobile collision, motorcycle crash, or truck crash, you may qualify for payments for personal injury or wrongful death. Similar to any other misfortunes, a car crash is a situation that all of us would never want to experience in life.

Speak to witnesses If there was anyone who witnessed the incident, speak to them and obtain their contact data in the event you require it. Industrial vehicle accidents are best handled through an expert personal injury lawyer.

Unfortunately, in the event you suffered an injury and finally have an injury claim along with a property damage claim, things aren't as easy. If you've experienced pers…

Straws - Just how unhealthy they can get

> Read the accompanying horrid story and you'll think
> twice before using a straw to drink !!
> ...................................................................
> Horrible story!
> I ordered a Club Sandwich and a Sprite in a restaurant
> somewhere in
> Malaysia .. When I finished half of the
> sandwich I sipped a sprite. But it didnt taste like
> an ordinary
> sprite I used to drink. So I sipped once more, but
> it still tasted the same. It tasted like a sprite
> mixed with some
> kind of oil.
> I
>called the clerk and asked him if the sprite was
> expired. He said it
> was just delivered today. So I asked him to
> taste it. Then he also found that something was
> wrong with it.
> Both of us were
> wondering for a while. Then I got to look inside the
> straw. There were a lot of tiny black round
> things that looked like eggs. So I cut the middle of
> the straw
> lengthwise to have a better look.. Yuck.…


Remember these recommendations;

1. Wear mask if you have the infection or when looking after infected person.

2. Regular washing of hands with soap and water or alcohol based sanitizing lotion.

3. Avoid crowded places

4. Seek medical advice/ treatment when having flu like illness signs and symptoms.

The virus is spread by oral droplets that are sneezed or coughed out by infected person. If another person breathes in these droplets, they will get the virus and may end up getting the flu. Due to gravity, these droplets are limited in the distance of spread and the reason why one will not be infected if one stays beyond 3 feet from the sufferer. This is also the reason why infected person needs to wear face mask or to cover their nose/mouth when sneezing/ coughing; to prevent their oral droplets from reaching others.

Apart from the above, the oral droplets may also contaminate items such as furniture, door-knobs, stationery, etc. This is the rationale for the recommendation to regularly was…


All of us know that soyabean drink provides good protein to our body...
but many of us don't know that there are certain days we should avoid
drinking it.

Soya bean drinks are best consumed on hot sunny days when the sun is
strong. The soya milk will give lots of nutrients to the body as the
body is able to absorb the protein well.

However, avoid the drink when the weather is cloudy or raining. Taking
the drink in those weather, the body will not be able to take in the
protein and will result in a disease called 'GOUT' or 'high acidic
urine' due to the high protein residue in the body, after a long run.

This disease will cause pain to your knee joints and it will only be in
control when you control your food intake of proteins and medication.
The pain is unbearable and usually you will have no idea what you have
taken to cause the pain. Food like soya beans, anchovies, broccoli,
spinach, peanuts, & n esp animal organs will have to be
avoided to prevent the pain from attackin…